W.OS. 2015 Top 3 Nominees


Outstanding Entrepreneurial Achievement Award                       

Cheryl Phoenix Henry

unnamedCheryl is a serial entrepreneur, who specialises in business sales, marketing, and event management. She has been working in the business area for over 18 years. Cheryl owns several businesses and brands including Global Black Links, Purple Pages, Strength In Unity & ACRIS. Over the years, Cheryl has overcome many adversities, including loosing her business and life partner, back in early 2007, having to rebuild her life and businesses due to having to focus on her family and cope with grief. Against all odds, Cheryl has become one of the most influential people in her field. Cheryl’s History started with UK Black Links Business Directory. This was the first publication targeted at the UK African & Caribbean Community. Over 150,000 copies of the publication were annually distributed throughout key areas in the UK to businesses Libraries, Government building, Corporate companies & customers.
With this, Cheryl was invited to sit on the board of the London Developments agencies BME grant awarding body and was part of the panel which awarded funds to BME Businesses within the M25 area. Cheryl has also worked with:
  • Channel 4 for a documentary uncovering racism in the lettings market
  • Met and worked alongside Richard Branson
  • Virgin Nigeria
  • Met Police Recruitment campaigns and race relations committee
  • Ministry Of Defense (M.O.D)
  • London Development Agency -£50million pound funding for BME Businesses
  • BBC1
  • Sat on the board of the Fair Share funding agency
  • Ran as a Labour Party Political Councillor in her local community                                                                    “A True Woman Of Substance!”
 Amanda Henry
 Amanda and her three children frequently roller skate in the local park, this came about after having discovered that there were no services or facilities for non-aggressive roller skating locally. Over a short period the presence of roller skating in the park gave many other children around the area an alternative sport. Before she knew it a small roller skating group had formed whom she taught to skate. With extensive knowledge and experience of project management Amanda had a vision to revive roller skating in the community. Hence the formation of Let’s Roll Community Interest Company.  “A True Woman of Substance!” 
 Natasha Simpson
 Natasha is the leading mind behind “TashChar-Events Angels.” Natasha decided to turn her passion and hobby around events planning into a business. She is passionate, determined and committed to turning ideas into reality after not finding her day job fulfilling. Taking one step at a time and cutting down her hours at her day job, Natasha has developed her events planning industry.
 “A True Woman of Substance!” 

Female Led Black Businesses          

Purple Pages
unnamed (2)
PURPLE PAGES is now in its twelfth year and has grown to become one of the most reputable sales, marketing and event management agencies targeting African audiences. We have a broad experience and wealth of knowledge in business communication and event management. With our years of sales and marketing experience the companies have built a reputation within their niche audiences. Due to the success of their first publication and multi award winning publication UK Black Links Business directory, (the first of its kind to enter the homes of all people in Europe). The publication was awarded and recognised by Tony Blair, Sir Eddie George (bank of England) Gurbugh Sing (Chair of the CRE) and many more. Purple Pages is currently working with a number of private, public and statutory sector organisations to support and develop initiatives which promote opportunities for the African & Caribbean communities. Purple Pages has created bespoke Sales and marketing campaigns for over 50 established commercial and corporate organisations including, the Mayors office ASDA, Channel 4, HMRC, Metropolitan Police, Lloyds, and MoneyGram. Purple Pages are also recognised for organising large scale conferences & events in Africa, USA, UK, Qutar, Dubai, and the Caribbean.
     Let’s Roll
 Let’s Roll C.I.C was founded by Amanda Henry and is the predecessor of a two year community roller skating project which began back in 2011.  Today in 2015, the Let’s Roll team has grown and their services have touched many schools, youth centres and community events across London. Let’s Roll CIC increases  the access of  recreational roller skating in the  community , by providing diverse services which promote fitness and wellbeing and gang prevention.
 Mother Earth Minerals

Mother Earth Minerals, is currently expanding gold production in the country of Zimbabwe. These group of sisters work alongside the Zimbabwe government to mine for gold, in order to produce jobs for local people and to invest in the countries social and political economy. Mother Earth Minerals openly encourage members of the black UK community and abroad to buy shares in their gold mining business.

Outstanding Commitment towards Charitable Work
Kinaya Barashango
Kinaya 3
 Sister Kinaya is recognised as one of the most helpful and caring supportive individuals within communities.  She is continuously visual and hands on within the community events , particularly events which support sisters. She promotes all black businesses  and is also supportive to individuals on a personal level. Sister Kinaya has a sympathetic listening ear, and is always willing to give support and positive advice when and where it is needed. Her charitable personality is constantly seen throughout community events. “A True woman of Substance!”
 Cheryl Pheonix-Henry
Cheryl conducts a high charitable provision of quality services through advertisement and marketing for organisations within our communities. Cheryl continuously supports businesses and organisations which provide national networking services which is there to support individuals, families and communities in a positive way. The work Cheryl does is in the majority of charitable capacity. “A True Woman of Substance!” 
Mignon Eversley
 Mignon Eversley- Robertson is a nurse by profession and unsparingly lives her life supporting others without realising that this is being done. Her charitable deeds in her every day life allows for those around her to have a sense of faith, hope and support within her immediate and extended family and within the wider community. Mignon is always quick to sponsor and support initiatives which are for beneficial purposes for the progression of the black community. “A True Woman of Substance!”


Kinaya Barashango
Kinaya 3 Sister Kinaya is committed to the liberation of Black People. She constantly promotes all grassroots political events whilst always more often than not being an attendee, whilst always ready to lend a helping hand, and is truly seen as a foot soldier.
“A True Woman of Substance!”
Matilda MacAttram
unnamed (1)
 Matilda is the founder and director of Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK). Launched in August 2006, BMH UK has led various campaigns to raise awareness of the inequality of mental health treatment provided to Black communities. Discussing the current state of mental health in the Black community Matilda MacAttram  director of Black Mental Health UK, continues to lead the only black led community based human rights campaigns agency set up to advocate for the rights of those from the UK’s African Caribbean communities that come into contact with mental health services. She has single handedly brought this issue to the international human rights community and ensured that is it now firmly on their agenda as she continuously endeavours to overcome  the many obstacles placed in opposition, in order to  keep Black Mental Health Issues on the political agenda in the UK. Matilda’s statement:  “I would like to see BMH UK as a leader in its field, recognised nationally as affecting positive change in a crisis and making a difference in peoples’ lives.” “A True Woman of Substance!”
Amitiye Lumumba
Sis Amitiye Lumumba
Amitiye  is a dedicated, committed, hard-working, sound Garveyite, and has been for over 30 years. She is an African World History Teacher. Sister Amitiye has been instrumental in setting up a number of black saturday schools. She is an overall hard worker. Far too often her work is unseen, nonetheless, it is always felt. This sister constantly remains: “true to the cause, of real liberation for all of our people. For those  Africans at home and abroad!”  “A True Woman of Substance!”


Monica White

New Picture
Monica is t a Great Grand mother of 2. She is kind, and extremely generous. Known as: “One who enjoys the Good Life”. She enjoys: dancing, fine food and wine and travelling, with her main hobby being to continue to see as much of the world as possible. Any one who is blessed to be in her presence is always made to feel comfortable and special.   Her main statement: “I dearly love my family every single one of them and I am proud of my GGs  (Great-Grans). I pray for Gods guidance to see them grow up in a non violent world ,hence allowing them to obtain the good qualities of themselves and life, whilst being able to succeed in this competitive world without its prejudices. “A True Woman Of Substance!”
Lamata Hammond
 Lamata does not conform to the stereotype of grandmother. For example, she does not have grey hair and does not spend time at home knitting. Lamata is a Great Grandmother who prides herself on travelling to different countries, and enjoying everything positive that life has to offer. Lamata when having fun with her grans and great grans has more energy than all of them put together.                                                   “A True Woman of Substance!”
Gloria Burkett
 Gloria Burkett…well what can we say. Have you seen the snippets on youtube? This danceaholic has more energy than one could ever imagine. She enjoys travelling to different countries, and meeting different people. She makes everyone feel special with her fun-loving, dynamic personality, which makes her more than loveable, and most definitely unforgettable. “A True Woman of Substance!” 



Mignon Eversley-Robertson
 Mignon lives, breathes and makes sacrifices for the well-being of her children. Seeing all children succeed  is the best thing in the world to this warm and caring individual. Mignon lets all know that: “It is okay if your child thinks differently than you. As long as we have a positive impact on their  lives, which allows them to live with morals and principles and not forgetting to put God first, that is all that matters!”
 “A True Woman of Substance!
 Anita Parker
 Anita is a beautiful young mother of 4 biological daughters, She is blessed enough to treat every child which crosses her path as if they were one of her own 4. Anita is warm, caring, loving, giving and kind. Her love for life, and love for all embraces everyone and this is seen in all parts of her everyday life.
 “A True Woman of Substance!”
Marlene Patterson
unnamed (3)
 Marlene Patterson, is a selfless caring person that’s always putting others before her self whom I believe should be awarded for her outstanding work with young people. She is a foster carer and has been for over 35 years she is hard working and very dedicated to the children in her care so much so that they often come back and visit her. It’s not always been easy working with the children but no matter what Marlene gives 101%  supporting and guiding the children in her care. Treating them like her own. “A True Woman of  Substance!”


Jade Nurse
 Jade is a 27 year old mother of two beautiful boys, who she is extremely blessed and grateful for.  Jade is a wonderful friend to her biological family and extended community family. Family and Friends is everything to Jade who is beautiful inside and out. The actions that she continuously takes,  those big and small,  shows that she truly cares by all who knows her. Jade’s Statement: “Not everyone can be a true friend due to issues and baggage, however, it is important for each person to remain true to the  friends that they have!”A True Woman ofSubstance!
Kai Ouagadaou
Sis Kai WOSA 2
 Sister Kai is an inspiring individual dedicated to unifying those around her through the development of sisterhood within its own distinction. Sister Kai constantly seeks to positively impact the lives of women in the Black/African community through providing: supportive networks, encouraging and assisting with personal and professional development, whilst providing strategies for self development and success with a holistic approach.  Sister Kai is committed to planning and implementing programs that empower women within the Alkebulan Revivalist                                                   Movement.“A True Woman of Substance!”
Cheryl Phoenix Henry
 Sisters as we know may be women who grew up under the same roof as you or they may be dear friends, soul-kin you meet along the way. Although this sister is not someone particularly akin with many females, she is however, someone who is able to give sound advice and concern to empowering those females who seek Advise.           “A True Woman of Substance!”

                                                                                                                                                              OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT!           Kanika Leo

image1 Alongside doing 9 GCSES and an A level, at only age 14. Kanika has done various projects such as being involved in coordinating gifted & talented Program in Maths and PE. Kanika has been a leading role model/mentor for the United Nations for the past three years.  Kanika runs a blog called  Legitimate Question.
 “A True Young Lady of Substance!” 
Renée Trumpet
 Renée Trumpet is studying A level Law, psychology and sociology, she achieved the highest grade in the school for her AS level Law. Renee has a clear plan of where she wants to be and what she needs to do in order to achieve her goals. Renee is a self-motivated, organised and a focused young lady. She possesses a wonderful sense of humour, whilst playing pranks on family and friends. She is a loyal and loving daughter, as well as a loyal sister and  loyal friend.
 “A True Young Lady of Substance!” 
Rhys Greenaway
 Rhys, has just recently turned the age of 13 years and is currently in year 8. She is in the top sets for all subjects. Rhys later entered a competition based on the political debate of social inequalities, which she had to deliver a written and oral project in which she came first. Ryhs is constantly going above and beyond all that is expected of her. She is on track to being entered for early GCSE’s with predicted A stars. she is constantly going above and beyond for her school work. 
 “A True Young Lady of Substance!” 


Rhys Greenaway
 Rhys is a hard-working individual academically, and within the home where she assists mum and dad with the taking care of her two younger sisters. This young lady has a calm and humble spirit. and is always ready to support and assist those around her. Rhys entered the Borough’s Future Chef competition and came first, and was then entered into the UK regionals and successfully became third. Rhys is has been modelling from an early age and is still in the modelling world, being placed in ITV and SKY TV commercials and catalogues. One of her dreams is to become a successful                                     lawyer. “A True Young Lady of Substance!”
 Parys White 
 Parys is a young lady second to none. She is a humble individual who cares for those around her, demonstrating the meaning of being kind without reverence. Her smile will light up any room, at any time. She strives to be all that she can be in this forever changing world. “A True Young Lady of Substance!”  
 Tirannah Hipoyate
 Tirannah  is a young lady who constantly leads by example. At only fifteen years old she has used her entrepreneurial instincts through writing her own novel which is soon to be published allowing her to place her dreams into reality. Tirannah is a kind and caring individual. A True Young Lady of Substance!” 


 Rasiyah Pottinger
Sister Rasiyah has a career in live community theatre as an actress and as a lead vocalist from the age of 9 years old. Coming from a musical family (her father Erroll Pottinger of the reggae group Matumbi: lead vocalist for the reggae revival song: “Baby After Tonight”), it is no wonder that this now spoken word artist has a passion not only for singing but for music as a whole. This humble sister who has recently taken a break from the performing arts industry in order to raise her 6 year old son is also an activist, who prides herself on supporting the liberation of Black People.                                                “A True Woman of Substance!” 
Sharone Maria Benjamin
IMG_2623-682x1024 (1)
Sharone  is a powerfully gifted poet. She is possibly one of London’s best kept poetic secrets. Sharone is known for her spoken word artistry entitled ‘THE REAL DIVA!” and “CRABS IN A BUCKET!” focusing on the mistrust within the black community.  This truly gifted sister has a selection of poems/spoken words which revisits the past, welcomes us into her present, and directs us to a future journey all through: “The word!”    “A True Woman of Substance!” 

Maskelah Gabriel-Adams

429587_423428931084270_265063401_nThis inspirational Actress is very much known for her life theatre monologues. Anyone who have had the privilege of seeing Maskelah perform will know what a power house she is. Her monologue around a runaway slave or one of our female activist either from the past or present is something that would move your spirit and soul. A versatile performer, Maskelah has continued to tackle a diverse mix of projects.“A True Woman of Substance!”



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