Recent Successes!

Some of our current successes have been to run workshops for girls who suffer from low-self esteem for one reason or another. To provide extra numeracy and literacy lessons for children and their families. To hold workshops in The Gambia with regards to: Female Genital Mutilation in order for it to be completely eradicated, especially in rural areas. As well as to bring about awareness of the dangers of coal pot cooking with regards to health and well being and as well as to the environment.

Over the past two years we have been focusing on that which has been mentioned in the latter paragraph, as well as supporting in the building of a primary school in rural Gambia, whilst ensuring that all girls have a right to access at minimum a primary education, as many are kept from school to stay at home; as there is a belief that educating girls will not be meaningful as their role is to be: “…a good wife to their husband”. Educating girls is seen as just wanting them to learn foreign ways as being: ‘anti-domestic’.

We as PowerSis volunteers work hard in organising what we call: “Commitment to the Cause with Action” for communities. Attendees at out workshops, discussion forums etc. not only create a vision for their respective villages, but in doing so become passionate about now having a right to a vision, and as a result committing themselves to fulfilling the vision.

 Lamin Koto Primary School inauguration.






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