Power’Cize is a form of exercise that blends aerobics and dance moves with a “twist!”

Power’Cize is more fun than traditional aerobic dance exercise classes, as it combines the latest ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ club formation dance routines, to soul, reggae and soca. Finally learning dance moves instead of simple repetition, as in most aerobics classes.

Learn dance routines/formations such as: The Electric Slide/Candy (new version), Cupid Shuffle (straight from the clubs of ATL), The Wobble/Back It Up, and many more.

Our dance routines will guarantee: increase in heart rate, burn fat, body tone contouring and encourage weight loss. In addition, Power’Cize works muscles throughout the entire body whilst improving strength.

Another benefit to our Power’Cize classes is the fact that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including the youngest of children, without the pressure of the formality of a regular dance class. This is a new revolutionary social experience.

Get fit! Get toned! and STAY FUNKY!

Power’Cize…”There’s no other like it!”



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