Nutrition is about food. Not just about calories which are in certain foods, or the best ways to cook food, but it is more about how monitoring how food makes the individual feel- both physically and mentally. It is also about how food can heal the individual and help him or her to harness the goodness from it so that they can benefit from optimum health.
Nutritionists believe that food has various qualities. It can be soothing, warming, cooling, etc. Some food such as fruit and vegetables can provide us with energy while others like wheat and grains (containing gluten-wheat, barley, rye, and oats) can lead to us feeling lethargic and irritable.
Everyone’s body make up is different: Nutrition is about discovering the best foods for you, as an individual, to eat according to your body’s constitution. It is also about how foods are prepared, eaten, digested, stored, grown, and combined with other foods being eaten.
PowerSis’ trained Nutritionists will (if needed) advocate a change of diet, whilst suggesting food supplements containing vitamins and minerals which may be used.


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