2015 Nominee Categories



The selection process begins with public nominations via our online form. Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee directed by the PowerSis Board of Directors. 

PowerSis- WOS:

Life Time Achievement and Humanitarian


The Life Time Achievement and Humanitarian Award honours those who have made significant outstanding contributions to all communities on the local, regional, or national level beyond the scope of employment, and in the areas, of: community care and support, cultural diversity and progression, education, as well as health and well-being. This person will meet all awards categories and having shown commitment and dedication for a number of years. 

Nominations are reviewed based upon broad criteria and may consider: significance of contribution, broad effect of the contribution, and length of service to the community. The Life Time Achievement Award recipient receives community and media recognition, special awards, and are?featured honourees at the Annual PowerSis- Woman of Substance Awards Celebration. 

PowerSis- WOS:

Outstanding Entrepreneurial Achievement


The purpose of this award is to recognise a female who has shown outstanding entrepreneurial skills. Identifying and starting more than one business venture, sourcing and organising the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with each venture. The award pays recognition to the hard work and best effort and creativity in this field to achieve the highest results. 

Nominee criteria: 

  • Shows tremendous growth in business ventures 

  • Demonstrates awesome creativity which is second to   none 

  • Takes pleasure in sharing such creativity with others 

WOS: Outstanding Person in-                                                            The Performing Arts Award

The PowerSis Performing Arts Award is to be given to an established artist who has made a marked contribution within the Performing Arts field over a significant period of time, in either one or all of the following fields: 

  • Music 

  • Dance 

  • Film 

  • Theatre 


Outstanding Commitment towards Charitable Work


The purpose of this award is to recognise that of outstanding support to charitable work, all around the globe as well as to devise a charity and they themselves operate on a charitable (giving to others personally) status. Prides themselves on giving back to others.

Nominee Criteria:

  • Has set up a charity either individually or with others

  • Provide counselling, coaching, mentoring support to others

  • Quite often works on a charitable basis

  • Volunteers their time in the support of others

  • Advocates the importance of giving back


Achievement for Community Activism


The purpose of this award is to recognise the real VIP’s among us. Those that continuously place all their effort on promoting, impeding, and directing social, political, economic and environmental change for their people. This individual places their activism in action of the powerless against those in power. 

Nominee Criteria: 

  • Outstanding commitment to developing their community 

  • Is recognised nationally as an activist 

  • Puts her community first without apology 

  • Takes pride in supporting others 

PowerSis- WOS:

Promoting Sisterhood amongst family and friends


This award recognises the contribution an individual has made to define the true meaning of friendship and sisterhood, demonstrating outstanding qualities recognised to all friends and family members.

Nominee Criteria:

  • Is recognised as a person one can count on at all times

  •  Looks at all family and friends from the inside out and doesn’t judge by a glance

  • Loves each individual for who and what they are

  • Goes out of their way to make someone else happy

  • Supports the local community and others

PowerSis- WOS:

Outstanding Maternal/Motherhood


This award recognises the contribution an individual has made to define the true meaning of Maternalism/Motherhood. For those women who have provided exceptional care to not their own children, but those within other families and within communities, demonstrating a continuing passion of care, love and nurturing to all who are privileged enough to be blessed in her pathway. and sisterhood, demonstrating outstanding qualities recognised to all friends and family members.

Nominee Criteria: 

  •  Is recognised as a person one can count on at all times 

  • Looks at all people from the inside out and doesn’t judge by a glance 

  • Loves each individual for who and what they are 

  • Takes pride in nurturing 

  • Is acknowledged for the contributions in a way that distinguished her maternalism from the ‘norm’. 


“Young at Heart” Inspirational  GrandMother


This award celebrates the achievements of those grandmothers around us who are not just inspirational but are fun loving, leaving no bars un-turned. They are remarkable women and inspire all those around them. They are acknowledged and honoured for their amazing achievements in their everyday lives, as well as for their youthful spirit. 


Nominee Criteria: 

  • A Grand Mother 

  • Gutsy 

  • Fun loving 

  • Simply extraordinary

PowerSis- WOS:

Young Lady of Substance


This award recognises young ladies who are self-motivated towards being all that they are able to be despite the many obstacles which life has to bring.  


Nominee Criteria:

  • An Achiever at School, College or Employment 

  • Is self-motivated 

  • An exemplary role models to her peers

PowerSis- WOS:

Young Ambassador of the year


This award is granted to a young female who is between the age of 12 and  18 years old. The young person is recognised and rewarded as a ‘young unsung hero’ and is viewed to all as a positive role model for all young people to look up to. This outstanding young person shows outstanding achievements in the following areas:

Academia, school and Community support. This award winner also demonstrates what is viewed as an:

“Outstanding Young Lady of Substance!”



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