Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a combination of massage and beautiful, flat, black, basalt stone, specially smoothed and polished, sorted into different sizes – these are the basic tools of the hot stone massage technique. Basalt is a volcanic rock, which is able to absorb and hold heat, and when the stones have been heated, they are carefully arranged in key areas on the client’s body. Some are laid on the energy centres (better known as chakras); some smaller stones may be placed between the client’s toes as well as laid in the client’s palms. In addition, the therapist may hold the massage stones and glide them rhythmically across the energy lines (also known as meridians) of the client.

Stones are also arranged down the spine and around the body. The purpose of the massage is to use the heat of the stones to relax the individual and to help warm any tight muscle so that the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly into any tense tissue. In some treatments, the heated stones are alternated with cool white stones (generally marble), as the alternation increases the circulation of the blood, and is therefore seen to relax, detoxify and to encourage healing.

The therapeutic properties of warmth are said to loosen tight muscles and improve the flow of energy in the body, The hot stone techniques is particularly effective in relaxing muscles, releasing the build-up of toxins in the body, improving poor circulation, and it has been know to alleviate certain specific health conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and anxiety, among others.

Hot Stone Massage is growing in popularity not only in beauty spas and salons, but is increasingly being used by other types of massage therapists to add to their range of techniques and also by physical therapists, reflexologists, and many other types of bodywork practitioners and energy therapists.


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