PowerSis Youth work has created enormous benefits for young people. We work hard to have these benefits recognised. It is, though, still an uphill struggle to get institutions, such as formal education institutions, employers, parents and society at large to recognise these benefits and to support its work in all of its entirety . Hence, the reason why PowerSis has started to gather evidence of the value and impact of our youth work forums, and which we are now attempting to  personalise by trying to create a forum that is personalised with- Digital Story Telling.

From July 1st 2017  we will attempt to pilot a digital storytelling forum entitled: “Tell Your Story!” Through experiential and creative learning, participants will have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about their personal experiences, or general fact or fictional stories which they may like to share.  The process of digital storytelling gets participants to connect with their most inspiring and valuable memories and share them with a community of peers.

All at PowerSis hope that this project will be a platform for young people to receive inspiration and motivation, and also to inspire and motivate others. 

The PowerSis Youth Forum will continue to create a voice for young people! 

Everyone has a story to tell: “What’s Yours?



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