Who is PowerSis?

PowerSis began with a group of professional women, who came together to share their skills, experience and knowledge, in order to put initiatives in place (through activities and workshops) to empower targeted women, their children, men and families from all areas of the globe using a holistic approach.

What is the PowerSis main objective and aims?

PowerSis Objective: To provide empowerment of women globally.

PowerSis Aims:

To provide programmes and activities to support in the empowerment of targeted groups
To promote the equal rights of women, and their children and other targeted groups
To support the full potential of women in the political, social and economic development of their communities.To support women and children who are in need, whether providing food, clothing or in education.

Can men join the PowerSis organisation?

Yes, Men are encouraged to join the PowerSis organisation, in order to bridge the gap between both men and women. However, they must like all others, become a member. Further more, all at PowerSis recognise that: “…this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, without a woman or a girl!”

How do I become a member?

To become a member of the PowerSis organisation, you will need to download a membership application form. Then send the completed form with your payment to the membership secretary (address on form). Payments can also be made via Paypal by using our email address enquiries@powersis.info Alternatively you can attend a welcome and empowerment coffee morning where you will be given an introductory PowerSis pack including Membership form. To attend a welcome and support coffee morning please contact the welcome and support team on:

Tel: 07587209100                 Email: enquiries@powersis.info

What does it cost for a PowerSis membership?

Memberships are annual and cost £50 for U/K residents and £60 for International members. International members additional £10 is to cover the extra postage charges to their relevant countries.

What does a PowerSis membership include?

A PowerSis membership will include a diversity of activities and interest groups for the member to choose from, a regular magazine (issued twice per year), email updates on activities. Also a 10% discount on all PowerSis activities and workshops.

Can non-members attend PowerSis events?

Yes, non PowerSis members can attend events; however, they will have to pay the full rate. The event coordinator can inform you of the amount.

Can I bring my husband, partner and children along to a PowerSis event?

The majority of PowerSis events are targeted at selected audiences, as our main aim is to change barriers which hinder particular groups. Therefore, if an event is suitable for an individual, couple, family or group, then all is welcome. However, PowerSis do hold a few events and workshops specifically just for women. 

I want to advertise on the PowerSis website/magazine/events etc, do I need to be a member?

Non-members can advertise in the mentioned forums and others, however, members receive a 10% discount.

How much does it cost to Advertise with PowerSis?

The cost of advertising depends on the size of the advert, the amount of issues/length of time and whether you are a member or non-member.

How do I place an advert with PowerSis?

You will need to contact the PowerSis advertisement and commercial department by email at: enquires@powersis.info

I understand that the PowerSis organisation is solely responsible for the start up and implementation of 100 black women of London (100bwl) is this true?

This is true. To become a member of 100 Black Women of London please contact: natasha@powersis.info


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