All at PowerSis are active in supporting education and learning. Our mission is to provide as many educational workshops, classes and courses for our members and their families. We are active in working with schools, universities and other institutions.
PowerSis is able to offer advice in terms of The British National Curriculum in all key stages, as well as being able to support parents by ‘steering’ them towards resources to better support their children with their learning.
PowerSis envisages developing its own learning support materials, as well as being able to provide sponsorship and scholarships, award prizes and grants to young people who demonstrate outstanding attributes towards learning.

PowerSis is at present working towards having its own International School of Excellence! We welcome all those who would like to help with the planning, resourcing and overall development in order to make this vision into a reality.

If you are interested in being part of the PowerSis International School Steering group, please send an enquiry at:  where will keep your contact in our mailing bank for future meeting dates.

In the meantime, please donate a minimum of £1:00 per month, via direct debit to aid with all PowerSis initiatives.

Many Thanks!



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