Counselling is a therapy which is delivered through talking. The Counsellor works with an individual for a short or prolonged period with the aim of bringing about an improved outlook in their state of ‘mind’ and wellbeing.
Couples or perhaps even an entire family may consult a Counsellor in an effort to improve the dynamics between them.
Individuals approach a Counsellor for a variety of reasons, such as a sense of unhappiness, isolation, depression, bullying, bereavement, redundancy etc. By approaching an individual who is neutral (meaning someone who is not a friend, partner or family member) and therefore does not have a vested interest in their decision-making, the client feels that they are in a better position to express their feelings and anxieties.

Counselling could involve talking about present day difficulties and how they relate to past experiences. The counsellor endeavours to get the client to resolve their problems or learn to live with them in a way which is not detrimental to their wellbeing.

Sessions can last from a one-off single meeting to once a week for a month or over number years.


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